Grow your business with the Stoke Sales Accelerator Program

Stoke finds and then directs high-intent consumers to your Amazon product listings with personalized product recommendations informed by machine learning.
  • Trusted by millions of shoppers
  • Driven millions in Amazon sales
  • Only pay for consumers that convert

Only pay when we drive a sale for you.

We leverage a combination of our high-volume organic traffic and strategic ad spend to promote your product.
  • No upfront investment required
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to manage and measure results

Case studies

Home Improvement
  • 28% lift in sales
  • 91% of sales from new customers
  • Improved to top 20 organic rank
  • 500% ROAS | 20% ACoS
Kitchen Appliance
  • 100% lift in sales
  • 92% of sales from new customers
  • 2.5X increase in consumer reviews
  • Earned Amazon Choice badge
  • 450% ROAS | 22% ACoS
Portable Speakers
  • Drove 2.5% of total sales in month 1
  • Increased contribution to 4.5% in month 2
  • 94% of sales from new customers
  • Improved key search term organic rank
  • 500% ROAS | 20% ACoS

Want to drive off-Amazon traffic to your product page?

Increase Product
Drive incremental traffic to product listings.
Grow Sales
Drive higher conversion with high-intent traffic.
Improve Amazon Performance
Increase organic
product rank.
Marketing Spend
Only pay for customers that convert.

Drive customers shopping on Google to your Amazon listing without buying Google Ads.

Stoke directs customers to you!

Stoke drives highly-qualified and high-intent traffic to your products using AI.

Consumers are more likely to convert when they discover products without interruption. Stoke provides personalized and curated product recommendations for consumers, increasing their likelihood to purchase.

Improve Amazon ranking and overall performance.

Sales driven from off-Amazon traffic have an outsized weighting on product rank. Stoke drives organic sales, reduces PPC costs and drives the Amazon flywheel.

Getting started is easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, because Stoke leverages a product-focused (not brand-focused), multi-channel digital marketing strategy. We target undecided customers and help inform their purchase journey within a product category, which makes this strategy complimentary to your existing marketing efforts.
Stoke will be one of many advertisers in any given search auction, but we avoid conflict with our partners by focusing on product categories. That said, if we both do show up on the same auction, you’ll still benefit by increasing the likelihood of capturing the click.
There is no risk! You only pay if you sell something. Stoke takes on all costs of purchasing advertising and driving traffic, so there is no upfront investment.
Yes, you’re only required to provide 7 days written notice to opt out. There is no long-term commitment!
You know because it is your own data! We leverage the Sellers Amazon Attribution Tag so all performance data lives within your Seller Central Account or Vendor Central Account.
We’ll bill you two times per month for the net revenue Stoke drove for your products in the previous two weeks. For example, on the last day of the month, you’ll be billed for the net revenue that we drove through your Amazon products in the first two weeks of the month.
No, not all products qualify for Stoke but all products are welcomed to be reviewed. We want to make sure you’re successful with Stoke and our machine learning model only recommends products that have a high likelihood of success across our customer facing websites.
Through our consumer facing content sites, we help consumers find products that they love by giving them insights about products and categories that they can’t find elsewhere on the web. This leads to better informed, higher intent consumers that convert better, and ultimately are happier with their purchases. We create this experience by ingesting data about products from across the web (reviews, editorials, descriptions, images), then using AI and machine learning to analyze and summarize information about those products, and finally providing that summary to our expert content writers who package it for our consumers.

Maximize your
sales potential